February 19, 2006

Free phpBB Hosting

Free phpBB Hosting

Get your free phpBB forum here!
We only have 1 ad on your forum! You get your own phpBB forum and you control it.
You get the full phpBB administrator panel and have full control over the appearance of your forum
Free ForumName@ezforum.org redirect email!

FULL Admin Panel for your forums!
1 Ad on your forum!
Access to dozens of templates!
Unmetered Bandwidth
Free Subdomain!
Add your own Logo Mod installed!
Quick Reply Mod installed!
Ability to Request Mods & Themes!
Free Chatroom!
Support in our Support Forums!
Custom Statistics mod for your forum!
Custom Script ReWrite to have your forum indexed by Google better than any other free host!
And many other custom tweaks never seen anywhere else!

GET Free phpBB Hosting


At 10:57 PM, Blogger Forum Posters said...

Can you show an example of the sef urls that you can make with the mod rewrite. Your free phpbb hosting offer sounds great!


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