February 08, 2006

FreeAutobot - Free Auto Responder


Increase YOUR sales by automatically posting follow-up e-mails to all your leads.

FreeAutobot gives YOU the most Cost Effective Strategy to Internet Marketing Success and its 100% Free of Charge.

A. YOU Register!

B. YOU Add Leads!

C. YOU Make Money!

1. FreeAutobot automatically sends e-mails to everyone who requests further information from your e-mail marketing campaign, web site or banner-advert within seconds.

2. Then, FreeAutoBot posts an continuous series of follow-up e-mail's to each of these leads.

3. The e-mail's are sent - each day, week, month or any combination thereof -

4. YOUR Customers gain confidence in YOU and find it easier to take action on your offer.

5. YOU automatically maximize your Profits, your Potential and your Professional Image.

6. We start you off with 200 Follow-up Messages that can be sent out to each and every lead. If you want more ... simply ask. All FREE!

7. Your e-mails are NEVER Cluttered with Adverts
* However, we do place a removal, a spam complaint and a FreeAutobot link at the bottom of each e-mail. This never gets in your way and your customer always sees your information FIRST.

8. If you want more than one FreeAutobot account, just get another one, just like you did the first one. Have as many as you want. 100% FREE.

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