March 30, 2006

Start Free Online Journal - Dead Journal

What is is a journal site (much like LiveJournal), but as you will quickly see, not all journals are apple pie and fruitcakes. Here is where you find the journals that nobody else wants to see, or even host. We love pissed off people, if you're a pissed off person who hates incompetence, please sign up now!
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Free Journal - Blog Addict

Welcome to The Blog Addict...

Simply click the link below to signup and your blog will be up and running in minutes with absolutely no fees at al! In the next day or two this page will have a section showing the most recent, most popular, and most active blogs. Get started posting today so you are listed on the main page and get free traffic as soon as we get these features running.

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Free Blog Templates - Noipo

You can use these templates for your Blogger account. If you know your way around HTML you can use these templates as well for other blog publishing applications like Movable Type, or for your own website.

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Free Blogger Templates - BlogSkins

So you've got a blog of your own.
Congratulations. And you're oh so proud of your witty and insightful posts. But you've got one problem -- you suck at design. In fact, you suck so much that people skip right over your site because the bad color scheme combination and small font sizes hurt their eyes. That's where comes in. Take the designs from some of the best people around the blogging community, and instantly and easily download them to your own Blogger, Movable Type, or other-powered site.
Or you're a designer.
A person who can take even the most random combination of colors, boxes, fonts, and whitespace, place in the blender, hit puree, and come out with one sweet layout. You've got "the eye". Your friends know it, you know it, but no one else does. is for you too. Release your best work on the community and watch people either tear it to shreds or glorify it with glowing comments. It's good for the ego. Improve yourself, your design skills, and your cred -- all at the same time. What's not to love?
So what are you waiting for?

Sign up for a account, search our massive collection, comment on and rank your favorites and your not-so-favorites, contribute, and get soopa-famous. All in your lunch hour. Or your post-lunch, pre-mid-afternoon break. Whenever. And don't forget to come back again and again. We'll miss you if you don't.

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Free Blog or Dairy Template - Not That Ugly

not (that) ugly started in January 2002 as a diaryland template source. Nowadays it offers standards-compliant templates for a number of blogging tools, automatically tailored for your site.

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March 18, 2006

b2evolution - Free Blogging blog engine

b2evolution is probably the most comprehensive blog engine you can find!

You type something in a form and hit "blog this"; in the next second it's on your website page(s).
Pages are generated dynamically. Your posts are automatically arranged by date into a template/skin you have chosen and that you can customize. You can also browse through the archives and use advanced search capabilities.
Readers of your website can leave comments on your post that also get displayed automatically below your original text.
You might want to give a quick online try. As soon as you feel limited (that can happen in 30 minutes; readers cannot even leave comments on, come back here and read on...

Download b2evolution

Cool Text - Free Graphics Generator

Cool Text is an online graphics generator for web pages and anywhere else you might need an impressive logo without a lot of work. We provide real-time generation of graphics that are customized exactly the way you want them.
Simply choose what kind of image you would like to create. Then fill out a form and you'll have your own image created on the fly.
Cool Text will always be available for use free of charge.

Free Image Editor - MyImager is your own free everything online image editor! Upload or call images from anywhere on the web and edit them freely with the the dozens of tools and filters that we offer! This is a 100% free service, offered by the great people at Cool Archive.
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Free Image Editor - MyImager is your own free everything online image editor! Upload or call images from anywhere on the web and edit them freely with the the dozens of tools and filters that we offer! This is a 100% free service, offered by the great people at Cool Archive.
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Free Logo Generator

Create Logo for your blog or site free within seconds at coolarchive

Sulekha Free Blogging

Have something to share with the world, your near and dear ones, people you'd like to get to know?
Create your own blog in less than 5 minutes.
for mor details read Sulekha blogging Faq's

March 09, 2006

Blogging Made Easy

Start blogging with blogdrive have many advantages.

Full editing using wysiwyg and html capabilities
Blogdrive is the ultimate in FREE online news publishing

No intrusive pop under or pop up advertising
Templates, Layouts and Tag Board for every Free Blog page

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BlogMonster - Start Free Online journal

BLOGOMONSTER is a free community of online diaries and journals. You can easily start your own free journal, share thoughts with your friends and meet new friends, too! Learn more about the free feature's you get with BLOGOMONSTER.A Few Of The Many Features:

25 Plus Free Templates
Publish Site Feed (RSS).
User Profile With An Avatar
Provide "Permanent Links"
User Privacy Settings
Specify Your Time zone

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March 08, 2006

Blogspirit - Create Your Blog Now Free

BlogSpirit is a free blogging platform offering the best features available.
You can now invite people to publish on your blog from their own admin area. The permissions granted will depend on the status you define.
No Advertising

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